Wednesday, January 22, 2020

About Harvard International

Harvard is committed to customer service.  We are continually developing new policies, procedures and products to satisfy our customers needs.  We invite you to contact us at your earliest opportunity and give our service a try.

Our Mission

The mission of Harvard International is the protection and building of wealth through consistent performance.

Owning Precious Metals Now

For centuries, commodities especially gold, for the affluent and influential have represented wealth. They are not only stockpiled and used as currency or a medium of exchange, but are also used to manufacture luxury goods.

Gold and silver have always been a measure of wealth and an instrument for the preservation of wealth. For many years, our currency was linked to a fixed gold standard. The reason is that Gold is a secure and stable currency. Inflation and historically low interest rates are increasing the demand for precious metals and depleting the supplies. This in turn is now and will continue to drive the prices higher as less supply is available. The dilution of our US Dollar will continue to weaken our paper currency and increase our precious metal prices.

Precious Metals represent inherent tangible value that no other currency can contend with. Precious metals are debt free as our US Dollar is full of debt.